Get Perfect Brows: An Overview of Eyebrow Microblading

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Eyebrow microblading is a permanent makeup procedure in Kolkata which is completely safe and worth it. Contact Truly Permanent Beauty to get it in Kolkata.

Have you ever considered the possibility of having flawless eyebrows? With microblading, you can achieve perfect eyebrows without spending time in your day-to-day routine! Many other advantages to microblading can make the decision to invest in microblading quite simple.

You may have heard about microblading. It's a permanent procedure that allows you to achieve fuller and darker eyebrows that look natural, and however, it's not tattooing. It's a more efficient method to shape and fill in eyebrows to complement your face and highlight their appearance.

What is microblading for eyebrows?

Microblading also referred to as semi-permanent brows, is a procedure that is classified under the semi-permanent makeup process. This procedure is performed using hand tattooing equipment that has a fine microblade. The micro blades create precise lines and create precise hair strokes, applying the chosen color of the pigment. Contrary to traditional permanent tattoos for eyebrows, however, the ink has not been well-set and is therefore referred to as semi-permanent. The results can last for up to two years.

Microblading is a great option for those who wish to improve or restore thinning eyebrows or improve their eyebrows by adding natural, natural-looking appeal.

Who Should Consider Microblading?

Although there are many eyebrow products available however, those who choose microblading prefer fuller, natural-looking eyebrows, but they prefer not to go through the headache of filling them in every morning or worrying that the colour will last only for a single day. If you're a fan of eyebrow pencils, then you can be able to benefit from microblading. But, if you suffer from oily skin or an old permanent makeup mark on your brows or if you are nursing or pregnant, Shreya Banerjee says you shouldn't undergo an eyebrow microblading treatment.

Benefits to Microblading

There are certain advantages that you can enjoy after getting the finest microblading treatment in Kolkata. The benefits are listed below:

  • You'll get more time to get ready in the morning: For many of us, makeup may make up a large portion of our routine in the morning. With microblading, you'll be able to skip the part of filling the brows of your thin ones or make a last-minute touch-up to ensure they look good.
  • You'll reduce costs: When you estimate how much you spend on eyebrow pencils, shaping, waxing brushes, and tweezing, then you'll think about microblading as an investment that will help you save money.
  • Waterproof: Microblading will not smudge or cause smudges, which means you can swim in jacuzzis, saunas, or any other exercise you want without having to touch up or fill your eyebrows.
  • Results that look natural: it's virtually impossible to distinguish between natural eyebrows and micro-bladed ones.
  • Lasting results: The non-invasive procedure can provide perfect eyebrows for as long as two years! The eyebrows you have micro-bladed will keep the shape of their brows and even size with just a few minor touches.
  • The procedure is quick, easy, and safe: You are able to achieve perfect-looking eyebrows with this procedure that is virtually painless. Microblading is completely secure and comes with no adverse side adverse effects.


Microblading eyebrows is a secure procedure you can obtain from the best beauty specialist Shreya Banerjee of Truly Permanent Beauty. It can help you achieve permanent eyebrows in Kolkata at a minimal cost. Contact us for more information about the permanent makeup process.


  • How much will eyebrow microblading price in Kolkata?

The cost of microblading can be relatively low, and most of us can afford it. It's actually lower than the traditional methods which you must spend frequently. Consider this expense as an investment, and then contact Truly Permanent Beauty for the full information.

  • Are microblading treatments good for your eyebrows?

If eyebrow pencil is beneficial for you, eyebrow microblading could be beneficial for you. There is only one difference: in the time the procedure lasts. Microblading is a lengthy time and is totally non-invasive.