tinplate tfs process

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tinplate tfs processtinplate tfs processtinplate tfs process

tinplate tfs process We have five line of coating and two Fuji 452 printing lines, which can printand paint 50,000 tons of iron per year. Based on the international standard Pantone number color card, we can accurately print bright and colorful finished products for our customers. The annual export volume of printing tinplate is 30,000 tons, mainly sold to Europe, Africa, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries. We can customize 2-color, 4-color, 6-color and 8-color patterns according to your needs. The key to tinplate sheet printing is the process of printing process. Tinplate printing from color separation, plate, proofing; from the beginning of printing until the end of the printing process with paper products have a lot of similarities, but printing iron is a special process after all; each process is similar but manipulation is the same. 鈶營nk Because the printing iron ink is indirectly printed on the smooth metal surface, the dryness of the printing iron ink is very important, the ink itself oxidation conjunctive reaction and the volatilization of the ink solvent to attach. It is important to have good adhesion, processing resistance, sterilization resistance, high temperature baking resistance, water resistance and other functions, but also have offset printing ink printing suitability, such as fluidity, fineness, etc. 鈶?Color sequence printing iron more monochrome or two-color machine, in the printing color sequence usually comply with the following guidelines: first printed dot envelope area of small, after printing dot twist cover area of large; ink transparency poor dark first printed, transparency good bright after printing; first printed flat screen after printing field color: warm color-based after printing magenta yellow, after printing cyan with cold color-based. 鈶?Printing machine conditioning Tinplate specifications, thickness changes often shake to be based on the environment of the printing machine rules, single and double sheet detector printing pressure, nozzle, etc. to stop the conditioning, while the blanket should also be frequently changed.tinplate tfs process website:http://www.ttd-steel.com/tinplate-process/