How to Convert PST to CSV Format?

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Do you have a PST file and want to convert its emails and other data into a CSV file? If yes, then read the complete blog and convert emails from PST file to CSV file format.

Outlook keeps all of its contacts in a PST file, but in order to import them to a mobile phone, a user must convert the PST file to a CSV format. It is simple to retrieve a CSV file and import contacts into mobile devices. Discover some quick ways to convert PST to CSV both with and without Outlook in this article. You can use the PST Converter Software right immediately if you don't want to use Microsoft Outlook.

Techniques to Convert PST to CSV Format

To convert Outlook PST to CSV without Outlook, you will require automated software. However, the professional application is not necessary if you are prepared to carry out the same task utilising Outlook.

Here are two ways to convert PST to CSV both with and without Microsoft Outlook.

Manual Way to Convert PST File to CSV Format

You may see the procedures for utilising Microsoft Outlook to transfer PST to CSV here.

  • Open the MS Outlook programme.
  • Open Export can be found by clicking the File Tab.
  • then select Import/Export from the menu.
  • Choose Next Export to a file.
  • Next after selecting Comma Separated Values.
  • Choose the export folder, then click Next.
  • Choose the path to the exported file by pressing Browse after that.
  • Click Complete after completing the aforementioned steps.

Using Outlook to Convert PST Has Drawbacks

Many prefer to convert PST to CSV using an automated programme rather than MS Outlook due to the following drawbacks of the manual method.

  • This method does not allow you to convert numerous PST files to CSV, but the automated tool does.
  • It also demands a lot of technical skills to be implemented.
  • If the PST file is too large, converting it to CSV could be problematic.
  • Outlook occasionally fails to transfer all of the contacts from PST to CSV.

Use the Professional Technique

A multipurpose programme, the Xtraxtor PST to CSV Converter Software can quickly convert Outlook PST files to CSV. With this software, you may convert any type of PST file produced by any Microsoft Outlook version to CSV.

Follow the given instructions and convert PST to CSV file -

  1. Launch the software on your system.
  2. Then, click on Open Email Data File PST File Select File from Folder.
  3. Click on Export and choose CSV file.
  4. Browse the location and hit on the Save button.

Done! Here you convert PST to CSV file format in a few simple steps. 


Now that you know how to do it without Office, convert PST to CSV. Depending on how many PST files you have, you can select any technique. The MS Outlook Program can be used to convert a small number of PST files to CSV. But, automatic software would be the ideal choice for several PST files.