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DREAM MEDICINE Service Center was founded in 2000, and we are counted among the leading MBBS Abroad consultants. We work and research in a smart manner. You will get an accurate amount of information regarding the universities, colleges, and courses.

With 20+ years of experience, DREAM MEDICINE Educational Service Center has been leading in providing the best MBBS abroad consulting. Our team of experts provides the best service in terms of research and guidance. We make sure that our clients get the right details they need about the universities, colleges, or courses they are interested in. Our dedication to our work and our client-centric outlook are the reasons why parents and students should choose us.

Here’s why you should choose us:

Our responsive and dedicated team will give you all the details you need about the universities, colleges, courses, etc. best suited for you.

We believe that communication is the key to Our constant communication with both the client and different overseas entities enables us to provide the best results as expected by our clients.

We here at Dream Medicine Education have active and highly skilled professional MBBS admission consultants and study MBBS abroad consultants who are well experienced in the industry and their work.

Over the years, we have built a reputable relationship with the different organizations that are connected to the abroad education system. Hence, here you get expert solutions based on well-researched data collected from different organizations.

We, as customer-centric consultants, provide customer service 24x7 to ensure smooth and effective help for our clients.

We value our clients' feedback and always take it seriously. And depending on it, we make the necessary changes needed to satisfy our clients needs.

Our updated website and chat service provide instant help and information for our clients.

From the client testimonials available on our website, you’ll see the reviews of our happy clients who are satisfied with our service.


Countries that we help send our clients to for pursuing MBBS:


MBBS In Russia

MBBS In Bangladesh

MBBS In China

MBBS In Philippines

MBBS In Kyrgyzstan

MBBS In Kazakhstan

MBBS In Ukraine

MBBS In Uzbekistan


How to apply:

If you are looking for colleges abroad and in search of proper guidance, then DREAM MEDICINE is the right place for you. We help and provide all the facilities our clients need at the university that best suits their profile.


Our services include:


Assessment and Profile evaluation: Our team of consultants assesses your strengths and aptitude using effective tools to see what program fits you best

Application Process: Our experienced team takes care of your application procedure, be it paperwork or an online application. We guide you at every step and make sure all the required documents are ready before the application process. Our team is also there to help you write an SOP and provide other guides that make your application stand out.

Visa and Documentation: The DREAM MEDICINE team assists you with every aspect of the visa work that is needed, as applying for a visa can be a hectic task. But rest assured, once you are at our service, we make sure all the work is hassle-free.

Pre- and post-departure services: Our service doesn’t end after you get admission. We see to it that you get the most cost-effective travel experience and provide you with the best accommodations available.