Diablo IV Season 1: How to Complete Burning from Within Quest

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Begin the story of Season of Malignant with the first main quest "Burning From Within" in Diablo 4.

With the beginning of Season of the Malignant, Diablo 4 players will embark on a new journey. A series of enemy variants and a brand-new storyline are waiting for you. Of course, the game also rewards you with plenty of unique D4 Items to boost your class builds.

If you've already completed the primary campaign or skipped it when creating a Seasonal Character, you can jump right straight into the Season of Malignant storyline. As a main quest, you must complete the Burning from Within quest to continue the storyline. Thankfully, despite a ton of new content, this quest is relatively simple overall. Now let's learn about the first quest of Season of the Malignant.

Players need to go to Kyovashad town in the Fractured Peaks region to start the Burning from Within quest. This is the first town you unlock in the main storyline, where you'll meet an NPC named "Vytran." He'll tell you the story of a woman who turned into a monster outside the city.

After that, you'll be looking for missing survivors on the road through the Fractured Peaks to Menestad. On the way there, you'll encounter several enemies, killing them to gain XP and Gold and level up your new character.

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It is worth mentioning that there will be the Forest Clearing Cellar to the southeast of Menestad, where you need to rescue survivors trapped by Strange Demon. These strange demons are a new enemy type, Malignant Monster. These enemies are more difficult to deal with than regular elite enemies, so you need to pay attention to evade their attacks. If unfortunately killed, you can Buy D4 Gold to repair your equipment. After defeating these Malignant Monsters, they drop Malignant Hearts.

The freed survivors will guide you to his Wagon by the road, where you will see Cormond. He will teach you about Malignant Hearts. You have to interact with his chest to get a bag of cages from it. Once the conversation is over, the quest will be completed.

Completing the Burning from Within Quest now and farm the dungeon for Malignant Hearts and legendary items.