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Halftime Translation Services - a skilled team of professionals totally dedicated to helping you meet all your communication needs.

On-site Interpretation

Halftime Translation works with some of Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s top Legal translation Dubai and covers events right throughout the UAE, providing Simultaneous Interpretation (as well as Consecutive Interpretation) for every type of event, for example:

  • International Conventions
  • National Government and NGO Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Training Courses
  • Committee Meetings
  • Business Meetings
  • Court Appearances
  • Telephonic and Video Conference Interpreting
  • Private events and consultations (big or small)

All our interpreters:

  • Are highly skilled and proficient in their language groups
  • Have proven track records
  • Are selected for the specific field you need
  • Follow strict ethical and confidentiality guidelines

Ensure your event runs smoothly and functions at a highly professional and effective level – let our interpreters do the job for you.

Remote / International Interpretation

With the advent of technology, Remote Interpretation has become increasingly common for both conferences and private negotiations.

We offer the following services:

  • Face to face / Remote Interpreting combinations: The interpreter works alongside the client, while the client engages in distance communication (eg video conferencing).
  • Telephone Interpreting (applicable to telephone conferencing – remote interpreting)
  • Video Interpreting (applicable to video conferencing – remote interpreting)
  • Video Streaming / Simultaneous Remote Interpreting (applicable to live events broadcast or live-streamed in real time)

Language pairs covered by our Interpreters:

  • EnglishArabic interpreters
  • English French interpreters
  • French Arabic interpreters
  • Arabic Russian interpreters
  • English Russian interpreters
  • English Mandarin (Chinese) interpreters
  • English Cantonese (Chinese) interpreters
  • Mandarin (Chinese) Arabic interpreters
  • English Farsi (Persian) interpreters
  • English Turkish interpreters
  • Greek English interpreters
  • Greek Arabic interpreters
  • Greek French interpreters
  • Greek Italian interpreters
  • Greek Russian interpreters
  • German Greek interpreters
  • German English interpreters
  • German Italian interpreters
  • German Russian interpreters
  • Arabic German interpreters
  • Arabic Dari interpreters
  • English Dari interpreters
  • English Hindi interpreters
  • English Gujarati interpreters
  • Arabic Hindi interpreters
  • Arabic Gujarati interpreters
  • English Swahili interpreters
  • English Dutch interpreters
  • English Afrikaans interpreters
  • Afrikaans Arabic interpreters
  • English Zulu interpreters
  • English Sotho interpreters
  • English Venda interpreters
  • English Shona interpreters
  • English Xhosa interpreters
  • English Ndebele interpreters
  • English Tsonga interpreters
  • English Tswana interpreters
  • Afrikaans Zulu interpreters
  • Afrikaans Sotho interpreters
  • Afrikaans Venda interpreters
  • Afrikaans Shona interpreters
  • Afrikaans Xhosa interpreters
  • Afrikaans Tswana interpreters
  • Afrikaans Ndebele interpreters
  • Afrikaans Tsonga interpreters
  • English Korean interpreters
  • English Japanese interpreters
  • Arabic Korean interpreters
  • Arabic Japanese interpreters
  • English Portuguese interpreters
  • English Spanish interpreters
  • Malay English interpreters
  • Malayalam English interpreters
  • Telugu English interpreters
  • Bengali English interpreters
  • Urdu English interpreters
  • Burmese English interpreters
  • Czech English interpreters
  • Czech German interpreters
  • Czech Russian interpreters
  • Danish English interpreters
  • Swedish English interpreters
  • Bulgarian English interpreters
  • Bulgarian Russian interpreters
  • Hungarian English interpreters
  • Hungarian German interpreters
  • Polish English interpreters
  • Polish German interpreters
  • Polish Russian interpreters

Interpreting and Conference Equipment Hire

We hire out top quality interpretation and conferencing equipment, from Interpreter Booths to the latest state-of-the-art Infrared transmitters and receivers , headsets and microphones. All at competitive prices! Our Sound Engineers are trained and equipped to set up, test and monitor the event for ultimate success.

Aside from our interpreters, some of the items we typically provide are listed below. We use the most advanced technology and state of the art equipment and best trained technical crews* for installations:

  • Interpreter Booths
  • Complete PA / Sound Systems
  • Infrared receivers
  • Headsets
  • Radiators
  • Control Units
  • Microphones
  • Sound technicians*
  • Logistics crew*

Do go ahead and contact us for a free quotation!